Student Dress Guidelines

Students and the public are expected to support a learning environment where attire is appropriate and not distracting or offensive to others. Articles of clothing which promote alcohol, drugs, inappropriate language and images, or discrimination of any form are not acceptable. Clothing that is too revealing is also unacceptable. Students who wear clothing that is deemed inappropriate will be asked to change. The school administration and staff will determine if students’ dress is appropriate. 

Some examples for dress expectations are as follows:

  • shirts can not be seen through
  • no thin straps for tops
  • appropriate neckline must be worn
  • clothing must cover the midriff
  • waistbands of pants must be at the waist level
  • undergarments are not to be seen
  • hats are to be taken off in class
  • shorts must be mid thigh; measured by the fingertip when standing
  • make-up is only allowed in Grade 6 and must be subtle (no sparkles, applied sparingly)
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