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Haisla Nation Council Statement regarding recent events in Kitimat Schools

Haisla Nation Council (HNC) is aware of a troubling incident at a Kitimat school yesterday involving a Haisla youth who had chosen to wear Haisla regalia in class as part of the annual school picture day.

We join our membership in expressing our deep disappointment about the incident – and stand by all of our membership – including our youth – who wish to honour our culture and traditions in school and elsewhere.

HNC has been in close contact with the school administration as well as Coast Mountains School District since the incident occurred. We continue to work together to address the incident and ensure our youth feel safe and welcome to express themselves in school in Kitimat and the region.

HNC notes that this incident occurred within weeks of the inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and serves as a reminder of the necessary work ahead to achieve reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Any Haisla members who have questions or concerns with matters that they may have faced in school are welcome to contact our Director of Education Angie Maitland at 250-639-9361 ext. 351, or e-mail



CMSD82 Public Statement, Support Appreciated MEMSS Incident, Nov. 1, 2021

We are writing to you this afternoon to thank members of the Kitamaat Village and Kitimat communities for reaching out to the leadership at Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School in follow up to an incident that occurred at the school yesterday, November 1.

The Principal of Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School, Christine Byrd, is receiving your messages and is committed to responding to each message personally.  Please appreciate that this may take some time noting that a response will be provided to all messages received.

The senior leadership team of Coast Mountains School District 82, parents from both communities, the leadership of the Haisla Nation and students are working together to support students, parents and staff at this time.  We have met with parents and have agreed that we will work on this matter together.

Our school district values diversity and expects that students have the ability to express pride for their rich culture in word and action.

Coast Mountains School District 82 appreciates, encourages and supports the collective voice of students regardless of ancestry.

As the Superintendent of Schools, I can assure you that the appropriate steps are being taken to ensure that the Haisla culture is alive and visible.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this incident together.


Janet Meyer                                       Crystal Smith
Superintendent of Schools              Haisla Nation Chief Councillor




K-12 Sector Guidelines for Vaccination Policies


The Advisory Committee established by the Ministry of Education on October 5, 2021, has completed a final draft version of a set of guidelines to support boards and independent school authorities who may be considering implementing a vaccine mandate for staff.

For clarity, these guidelines are for policies being contemplated for employees only, which should be interpreted broadly to include any employee of the board or authority, including contracted employees, regardless of classification or location.  The Ministry of Education fully respects the authority of individual First Nations to make decisions about the operation of First Nations schools in the best interests of their students, schools, and communities.

To view and/or familiarize yourself with these guidelines in advance of the final copy being distributed as soon as possible, please access the following link:

K-12 Sector Guidelines for Vaccination Policies