Guidance Policy and Strategies

Each child is unique in their own way;  physically, mentally and emotionally. Give them the best opportunity to grow and develop in an environment where they are respected, accepted and cared for as an individual. 

Working together with families to achieve these goals as well as develop social acceptance and appropriate behavior will help them continue to mature. 

Guidelines and boundaries in the classroom will be set to ensure participants safety and ensure that the rights of others are NOT violated.  

Be Safe

  • Be safe to yourself and the people around you.
  • Be safe with the objects in the environment.
  • Follow the rules of the center to ensure “SAFETY” in the classroom.
Strategies Used to guide Children’s Behavior
  • Explain (model) what behaviors are acceptable and give a reason for setting limits or boundaries.
  • Get down to the child’s level in order to make eye contact and speak in a calm, firm manner. 
  • Give children time to respond to expectations; listen and respond in a supportive, fair way. 
  • Reinforce positive, desired behaviors.
  • Give choices to assist children in meeting expectations; redirect in order to find alternative choices or activities. 
  • Use natural and logical consequences. 
***Focus on the behavior rather than the child***
Discipline That Is Unacceptable in The Strong Start Program
  • NO Corporal punishment of any kind
  • NO Humiliation
  • NO confinement of any kind
  • NO isolation
  • NO physical restraint of any kind
  • NO deprivation of food
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