CDC Pre-School Program

The Preschool Program provided at Kildala Elementary is a program through the Kitimat Child Development Centre.  The Preschool Program offers a team based approach with parents, educators, and therapists working together to determine goals and action plans for achieving success.

Our philosophy is that the preschool is a place where young children learn as they play, and share experiences with other children in a safe stimulating environment. The purpose of the preschool program is to facilitate children’s learning through adaptation, inclusion, and goal setting. This can be achieved through information, consultation, and planning between the family and staff. A family-centered team based approach to inclusion is promoted with parents, educators, and therapists working together to determine goals and action plans for achieving success.

Learning Environment

The preschool environment is a chief ingredient in the learning experience of young children. The environment is prepared in such a way that the children interact within it.  He/she is prompted towards sensory experience, experimentation, and arrival at conceptual conclusions. Environmental areas that children interact with are as follows:

  • Sensory materials: facilitate growth of touch, sight, smell and hearing skills
  • Fine-motor materials: promote growth of hand skills, and hand and eye coordination
  • Gross-motor materials: facilitate growth of large muscle skills
  • Language arts: promote listening, speaking, and pre-writing skills
  • Social studies materials: promote self recognition and awareness, awareness of family and community, social skills, and nuturant behaviors
  • Premath materials: facilitate knowledge of numbers, time, sequence, measurement, and shape
  • Creative expression: (art, music, and drama) to promote creative self-expression and appreciation of the creativity of others.

Parent Involvement 

The education of your child is a demanding and challenging task and we need your help, your interest and your involvement. 
We encourage you to let us know of your special talents, hobbies, interests or occupation (i.e., music, art, carpentry, cooking, etc.) so we can include you in our program. We invite you to come and share with the children.

Parents are a vital part of our team and we encourage you to be involved by attending team conferences and parent-teacher meetings. Goal setting, future planning, and information sharing happens at these meetings and we need your input.


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