School Rules

Kildala School Rules

  • All students are expected to arrive to their classes on time.
  • Speak and act courteously to all staff and students.
  • Walk quietly in the halls and enter all classrooms calmly and quietly.
  • *****No students are to play in the parking lot*****
  • At bell time, students are to line up in an orderly manner at the front / side door until they are invited in. Students should always keep doorways clear for easy access. 
  • Students eating lunch at school must stay on school grounds. 
  • No bullying and no put-downs.
  • No littering in the school or on the school grounds.
  • Please stay off of the flower beds, trees and fences. 
  • Bicycles may be ridden to school in the fall and the spring. During the fall and spring when bicycles are ridden, they must be parked, and locked in the bicycle racks provided. Students must walk their bikes and scooters when on school property.
  • Roller blades and “wheelies” are removed immediately upon arriving on school property. Safety equipment is strongly encouraged. A safe attitude is even more important. 
*** These rules are general. Every student is treated individually at Kildala School to respect difference in age, maturity and personal challenges. 
We believe in learning from our mistakes. Talking through problems, natural consequences and progressive discipline are guidelines used when addressing students. 


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