Busing and Bus Schedule

All children needing bus transportation must be registered.  Parents need to pick up a bus registration form at Kildala.  If your child will be taking the bus, please do this as soon as possible

On occasion, students miss the bus.  When that happens, students are to come back in and report to the office.  This is imperative as we want to make sure that everyone gets home safely. Often new students are partnered up with older, more experienced student bus riders until the new student feels confident. For any questions or concerns please contact Kildala Elementary at (250)632-6194.

The 2023 – 2024 bus schedules are below: 

2023-2024 Bus Schedule


Coast Mountain School District 82 School Bus Rules:

  • The bus driver is in charge of the school bus at all times;
  • The bus shall remain stationary until all students are properly seated;
  • Students must remain in their seats until their destinations are reached;
  • The bus driver may designate seating at his or her discretion;
  • Students shall obey the bus driver promptly and respectfully;
  • Students must be respectful to one another—no bullying or harassment will be tolerated;
  • There shall be no loud talking, loud noises or fooling around;
  • Students must not extend anything out of windows, including their heads or arms;
  • Students must not throw any objects out of windows;
  • Students shall not throw any objects on the bus floor, and students must not spit in the bus;
  • No consumption of food or beverages on the bus;
  • No lighters or matches shall be lit; there is to be no smoking on the bus or within 3 meters of any bus doors;
  • Students shall not cause damage to the bus;
  • When entering or leaving the bus, students must observe the directions of the driver or the crossing guard;
  • There is to be no fighting, horseplay, or harassment at school bus stops.
Students are not allowed to bring the following articles on board any School Bus:
  • Unprotected ice skates—skates must be protected by blade guards;

    Hockey sticks;

  • Snowboards and/or Skateboards;
  • Toboggans;
  • Scooters (unless enclosed in a canvas bag that fits on a student’s lap);
  • Knives/Spears/Axes/Hatchets etc.;
  • Laser Pointers;
  • Large musical instruments or large school projects that don’t fit on the seat with student without extending into the aisle of the bus.

Expectations and Consequences:

  • The student is subject to the school code of conduct in going to and returning from school.
  • One of the prime responsibilities of the school principal is to administer and supervise the school, including the general conduct of students. The school principal may also exercise paramount authority in matters concerning the discipline of students.
  • The principal shall delegate to the bus driver authority for supervising students on the buses and for initiating inappropriate/unsafe behavior notices.
  • If a student contravenes a school or bus code of conduct while on a bus he/she will be issued a bus notice to be taken home for the signature of a guardian and return to the school. A copy will be sent to the school principal to determine consequences, which may be a discussion with the student, in-school suspension, or bus suspension.
  • Students suspended from school bus service are still expected to attend school.
  • Students who have been notified of their suspension from riding on the bus are not to be refused entry to or expelled from the bus until the day following the date the Notice of Suspension was received by them.
  • Bus Drivers will not remove any student at any point other than his/her home place of disembarkation. The driver may, however, refuse to allow a student to board the bus at a school.
  • In the event that a student is involved in willful damage to the bus, s/he may be suspended from traveling on the bus at least until restitution is made.
  • The school bus is to be a scent free zone. No application of sprays on bus.





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