Role of Parents/ Guardians

The role of parents and guardians in our program is to:

  • Join circle time and try to encourage your child to participate.
  • If your child is having a difficult time or troubles focusing, he may want to move to a quiet place or different activity until wanting to return. 
  • Read at least 5-10 minutes with your child; try to get your child to guess what might happen on the next page. This helps to expand their imagination and their vocabulary. 
  • Remember that art or creative activities do not have a “right or wrong way”, this is the child’s time to explore, create and enjoy!
  • Families are encouraged to share their own cultural music/ books etc.  Feel free to participate in any activities that you feel comfortable in sharing with the group; whether it may be singing a song, reading a story or sharing an art activity that the children can take part in.  
  • Sign the daily attendance sheet.
  • Families are responsible for their children at all times.
  • Encourage your child to experience new activities as well as new friends.
  • Assist your child with cleaning before moving to the next activity.
  • Promote sharing, turn taking and being respectful to themselves, others and yourself. 
  • Use appropriate language and quiet voices while in school.
  • Use descriptive words that are simple and clear to help increase your child’s vocabulary.   i.e.: “This is a blue truck, and you have a yellow car”
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