If you wish to volunteer in a classroom at Kildala Elementary School, it will be necessary to complete:

  • a Criminal Record Check (note: valid for 5 years) obtained from the Kildala Elementary School Office.
  • S.D. #82 Waiver Form

The Criminal Record Check is to be taken to the Kitimat RCMP Detachment located at 888 Lahakas Blvd. Kitimat, B.C. V8C 2H9  (250) 632-7111. You must then return the original CR form to the school office along with the waiver will it will be kept on file.

To Volunteer As A Driver

If you wish to volunteer as a driver for class trips, etc., there are 3 other forms which must be completed, in addition to the Criminal Record Check. New forms must be completed each year.

Return this package to the Kildala Elementary School office ONLY when all your required forms are completed.

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